Multidisciplinary Irish artist and designer based in Amsterdam

  • BA in Visual Communications from NCAD
  • Awarded membership to International Society of Typographic Designers
  • ICAD 2019 Graduate Upstart
  • Awarded Top 100 Irish design by 100 Archive, in 2019 and 2021 for Hoax
  • Work shown in Science Gallery, Workmans, NCAD Gallery, Luckys
  • Work published in Bloomers, and Stranger Times
  • RASL Interdisciplinary Summer Studio 2021
  • Art as Publics BAK 2021
  • "It Just Keeps Happening" solo show in cafe Tolbar 2023
  • 'Asethetic Transformations' interdisciplinary summer school at Berlin University of the Arts 2023


Poster development

When Weelde approached me to design the poster campaign for De Droomvlucht, they were clear they wanted something mystical, merging the boundary between reality and non-reality.

This made me think of a common technique used in lucid dreaming. Dreamers would check their reflection in a dream,

to see if they were in reality or asleep.


Poster design

Poster for winter events in Weelde, Rotterdam. Graphic is inspired by hibernation, layers, coccooning,warmth meets disco, dancing, club.